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Amazon has been around for over 20 years now. When they started, their goal was to become the #1 bookseller on the planet. The way they ended up doing this is they opened up their doors to anyone that had content. Once they got into the digital publishing space, they created the Kindle. The Kindle allows users to shop, purchase and download books to their device, but it’s also a physical product. Because they knew not everyone would want to carry around a physical device, Amazon also made Kindle available as an app.


No fluffy sales letter here.
80-minute video course.
These are what you get:

Video 1: Book Ideas
Video 2: Profitable Keywords
Video 3: Kindle Spy
Video 4: Assess Competition
Video 5: A Great Title
Video 6: A Great Cover
Video 7: Outsource Cover
Video 8: Outsource Book
Video 9: Book Description
Video 10: KDP Account
Video 11: Publish Book
Video 12: Book Category
Video 13: The Right Keyword
Video 14: Virtual Assistant
Video 15: Book Reviews


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